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Forgetting the password of your family budget file or personal email folder can blow your plans and can be really annoying. Besides, a sudden halt in work due to password issues can make you undergo an immediate monetary loss. You lose control over your documents, even if you have them secure. But, no more! Advanced Office Password Recovery helps remove, recover, replace or circumvent locked documents or passwords protection created with MS applications (Microsoft Office applications).

Excel Password Breaker Features:

  • Different types of passwords
  • All Microsoft Office versions
  • All editing restrictions
  • Shared protection passwords
  • Locked cells protection 

File Size- 5MB

Easy Un-install from windows control panel

Excel Password Breaker

About Exal Password Breaker Pro

Office Password Recovery PRO offers “all-in-one" and effective solution for all types of Microsoft Office application. It recovers all kind of forgotten and lost passwords to open. It also modifies files along with supporting different versions of MS Office, including version 2003. All editing and formatting restrictions, shared protection passwords, locked cells protection are instantly retrieved.

Our Office Password Recovery PRO comes with a set of professionally wrapped features. They are very user-friendly, which makes it easy to master.

It is a professional solution for different versions and products of Microsoft Office.

Quick and effective passwords recovery of any complexity and length

Immediate recovery of Microsoft Word passwords to document and modify protection passwords; Microsoft Excel passwords for workbook and modifying, sheet, spreadsheet passwords and worksheet; Microsoft PowerPoint passwords for modifying; Microsoft user-level workgroup passwords and Access database; Microsoft Outlook passwords for opening e-mail accounts and PST files (e-mails include popular Gmail, MSN, Hotmail and Yahoo accounts)

Break all MS Office files locked with passwords


The Excel Password Breaker Technology

Dictionary Attack

Most of the passwords set by people are generally based on a word combination or a single word from a certain lingo. Before activating brute force attack, based on dictionary, the Advanced Office Password Recovery carries out a complete or full-scaled attack. It makes use of a small in-built dictionary. Regardless of the language, it can also specify your dictionaries. After that, Advanced Office Password Recovery check for the word combination or a single word in different variations and cases to crack the password.


Brute Force Attack

If you have no clue about password issue, let Advanced Office Password Recovery help you. It will take you to the last resort: this is what we call “brute force attack.” All credit goes to the low-level code highly optimized Advanced Office Password Recovery application that provides ultimate performance for the brute-force attack password recovery.